The Medway Local Offer Website

We are keen to find out what is working well and what if anything we can do to improve the Medway Local Offer Website. We would really appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes to answer a few questions about your experience of using the Medway Local Offer website.

Q1Are you:
Q2Have you used the Local Offer in the last six months?
Q3Do you have a child with:
 Yes No 
 A special educational need  
 A disability  
Q4How did you hear about the Medway Local Offer? (please tick all that apply)
Q5What were you looking for? (please tick all that apply)
Q6Did you find the information you were looking for?
Q7How much do you either agree or disagree with the following statements in terms of the Medway Local Offer website:
 Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree 
 The website was easy to find     
 It is easy to find information and services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities     
 The information is clear and easy to understand     
 The information is kept up to date     
 There is a good range of information available     
Q8Would you use the site again?
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